Colorado Review Fall 2010

Now in its seventh year, the Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction gives us cause for bittersweet celebration; established in memory of Liza Nelligan—a classmate, student, teacher, colleague, and friend of many here in the English Department at Colorado State—it reminds us of our loss. But by honoring her passion for literary fiction through this prize, […]

Colorado Review Summer 2010

In the summer’s heat, in the season of cross-country road trips, three-day-weekend visits, and family reunions, we sometimes desire a little distance from one another, a bit of space, a spot of shade. And yet the thread running through this issue’s prose is one of human connection. In Candice Morrow’s “Touch,” a couple and a […]

Colorado Review Spring 2010

Featured among this issue’s essays, Jessica McCaughey’s “Aligning the Internal Compass” delves into the mysteries of why some of us are adept at finding our way in this world while others struggle to get from here to there—with or without a map. This piece echoes themes and variations in the other essays and stories here: […]