Mile 57—

Photo by Intermountain Forest Service, USDA Region 4 Photography Pennock Trail There was a boy who was a boy who was a tree who was a river and a rock and a cloud. Who was a nothing more than a something who wanted to be nothing but a flash under sky over field. Who wanted […]

Colorado Review Summer 2020

It surely comes as no surprise that the content of each issue of Colorado Review is selected months, sometimes a year or more, before publication. But it’s remarkable how the stories, poems, and essays often strike us somewhat differently as we prepare to send an issue to the printer, how their resonance changes in relation […]

Colorado Review Spring 2020

As we prepare this issue, it happens to be the time of year for envisioning change. And in that spirit, we’re trying something new: after many years of arranging our issues by genre, we’re mixing things up, interspersing the stories, poems, and essays throughout the magazine. We hope that this new layout gives readers a different, […]