Happy October!

by Drew Webster, editorial assistant Well, there’s really no other way to say it. It’s October again. There’s a chill in the evening air, knitted scarves and hats are becoming more prevalent, the aspen leaves are changing, the heady pong of pumpkin spice abounds, and to us here at the Center for Literary Publishing, it […]

Ladies First!

by Jennifer Wisner Kelly, Fiction and Nonfiction Book Review Editor We’ve recently debuted a new approach at Colorado Review regarding our fiction and nonfiction reviews: seasonal themes. Themes serve as a lodestar for selecting from among the many titles released by small independent presses that are so worthy of being noticed, read, and lauded. For this […]

September Podcast: Jessamyn Hope’s “The Running of the Brides”

Back to school, back to school, you’re not too cool to go back to school. If you’re like me, then you’re not cool at all; however, you are—for once in your life—on time for something. That’s right! It’s the return of Selections from Colorado Review. This month’s podcast features Jessamyn Hope’s essay “The Running of the […]

Goodreads changed my life. And then it got bought by Amazon.

Colorado Review associate editor Derek Askey shares his thoughts on, and some personal experience with, Goodreads, and its recent purchase by online bookseller Amazon.   Now that the dust has, at least marginally, settled over Amazon’s acquisition of the social-media platform Goodreads, it seems sensible to touch on how such a change might affect a small press […]

MFA Thesis Reading: Mickey Kenny, Derek Askey, and Joanna Doxey

MFA Thesis Reading: Mickey Kenny, Derek Askey, and Joanna Doxey by Brittany Goss, editorial assistant   On March 29, 2013, the Hatton Gallery at the CSU Visual Arts Center was packed with the friends, teachers, students, and proud family members of third-year MFA students Mickey Kenny, Derek Askey, and Joanna Doxey. Everyone came to hear […]

An Interview in 7 Parts with Susanna Childress

Colorado Review Editorial Assistant Kristin George Bagdanov interviews Susanna Childress about her seven-part poem that appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of Colorado Review and the March podcast. I first encountered Susanna Childress’s poems while working on a review of her second book, Entering the House of Awe (Western Michigan University Press, 2011), for Ruminate […]

January Podcast: Endi Bogue Hartigan reads “It Was a Church Then”

Better late than never, right? C’mon, am I right? You know I’m right. I always am. Always. So let’s just pretend this little delay never happened. Let’s all just pretend and nobody gets hurt. No kittens, no puppies, nobody. We can all just be cool about it. And while we’re all being so cool about […]