Today, May 1, Ullr, dropped exactly forty gazillion inches of snow on Fort Collins, CO because apparently Norse gods don’t know when it’s spring already. Today, May 1, is also International Worker’s Day. Today, May 1, I am here at work (in sweatpants, but still). Apparently, today is one of those anything goes days. If I buy a lottery ticket after work, either I’ll win millions of dollars or get a giant paper cut from it. All bets are off, today. But here’s some consistency, something you can always hang your hat on: the Selections from Colorado Review podcast will always come out kinda at random intervals on a monthly-ish schedule. So, there’s that. And today, as luck would have it, is the release of either the April podcast exactly one month late or the May podcast exactly on time. Since I run the show around here, I’m calling it the May podcast because naming is power and it feels good to be powerful. So get a comfy chair, grab some hot cocoa, and try to find some stability in listening to Laura Schadler read her short story “Reward for Bravery” from the Spring 2013 issue.