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  • Now you Know It All

    Now you Know It All

    By Joanna Pearson

    Now You Know It All, winner of the Drue Heinz Literature Prize, reads more like...

  • Shit Cassandra Saw

    Shit Cassandra Saw

    By Gwen E. Kirby

    In Greek mythology, Apollo grants Trojan priestess Cassandra the power to prophesize the future, but...

  • What Could Be Saved

    What Could Be Saved

    By Gregory Spatz

    Gregory Spatz’s short fiction collection, What Could Be Saved, raises essential questions about the nature...

  • Mad Prairie

    Mad Prairie

    By Kate McIntyre

    Certain states seem to be mentioned only when people are listing the ones that nobody...

  • Forum


    By Josh Wardrip

    Josh Wardrip’s debut novel Forum begins with an epigraph from Pindar’s First Pythian Ode. In it, the Theban...

  • McMullen Circle

    McMullen Circle

    By Heather Newton

    The vivid stories of McMullen Circle by Heather Newton take place at the fictional McMullen...

  • In the Event of Contact

    In the Event of Contact

    By Ethel Rohan

    My partner asked recently what I look for most when reading short story collections. What’s...