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New reading recommendations from Colorado Review

  • Wild Swims: Stories

    Wild Swims: Stories

    By Dorthe Nors; translated from the Danish by Misha Hoekstra

    Nors achieves exquisite interiority in these narratives, burrowing so precisely into a character’s memory and...

  • Let Me Think: Stories

    Let Me Think: Stories

    By J. Robert Lennon

    The seventy-one pieces in this dexterous, surprising collection are often weird and unexpectedly weighty, particularly...

  • Sybelia Drive

    Sybelia Drive

    By Karin Cecile Davidson

    The approach feels organic, echoing the experience of families receiving letters from Vietnam “in lots...

  • Site Fidelity: Stories

    Site Fidelity: Stories

    By Claire Boyles

    Boyles has written stories of surprising range, while maintaining a focus on how human beings—particularly...

  • The Leave-Takers

    The Leave-Takers

    By Steven Wingate

    Laynie Jackman darts across the country “taking leave of the dead” by dispersing the belongings...

  • Duplicity


    By Peter Selgin

    Upon discovering his dead twin, Stewart decides to dispose of the body and appropriate Brock's...

  • Barn 8

    Barn 8

    By Deb Olin Unferth

    They aim to free chickens from imprisonment in factory farms, in order to give poultry...