Bookmarks 6 Dec. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo If you like Henry Miller and long-winded metaphors that liken writing to journeys, roads, paths, and the polarization of paradise and hell, you might enjoy The Wisdom of the Heart. The elusive agent: ever so mysterious and unreachable. Six months passes after you’ve submitted a proposal and still no word. You […]

Interview with Matthew Shaer, Winner of the 2012 Nelligan Prize

Colorado Review Associate Editor Derek Askey interviews Matthew Shaer about his story “Ghosts,” which appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of Colorado Review as the winner of the 2012 Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction, selected by Jane Hamilton. Read the full text of the story here, or listen to Shaer read the story on our […]

Bookmarks 26 Nov. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo Home, home on the range, where the poets and writers play…okay, the Front Range (Denver, FoCo, Boulder area) is hosting readings this weekend featuring Dan Beachy-Quick, Elizabeth Robinson, Tina Brown and Sasha Steensen, among others. A map of events for your literary weekend. A robot that scans 250 pages a minute […]

Bookmarks 15 Nov. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo If you haven’t realized it already, dialogue is perhaps the most complicated element of creative writing. Read “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” and the underlying meaning behind speech is apparent. Contrary to common advice, short story writer Thomas Lee argues it’s not possible to write what you […]

Bookmarks 08 Nov. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo In the spirit of the 2012 lively, civilized and productive presidential election, The Poetry Foundation has matched former presidents with their poetic inspirations. Looking at these photographs, perhaps Roosevelt simply admired Robinson for his similar taste in spectacles and mustaches. Canadian artist, Guy Laramee, sculpts mind-blowing landscapes from volumes of books. […]

Bookmarks 01 Nov. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo With the intention of prolonging Halloween so as not to be bombarded by Christmas carols and holiday shopping coupons: a montage of vintage horror paperbacks. Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, says you should pay attention to short stories–no, really? What’s next? Mary Karr writes country music? Well, yes. Nearly […]

Bookmarks 25 Oct. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo Wolverine Farm is now accepting nominations for 2013 Fort Collins Poet Laureate–nominate yourself! In honor of the World Series game two, Ron Silliman meditates on poetics in baseball. Halloween recommendation reads are typically Frankenstein and anything by Stephen King–red rum. But if you want something new to keep you up at […]

Bookmarks 18 Oct. 2012

Gathered by Mandi Casolo An exhausting, if not exhaustive, meta-list of writing rules from writers including Margaret Atwood’s “Do back exercises,” and “Take something to write on. Paper is good. In a pinch, pieces of wood or your arm will do.” In the helpful spirit, Kurt Vonnegut gives eight tips in his own voice, such as […]