by Melissa Hohl, Colorado Review, Associate Editor

Samuel Beckett said that, not me. (The Unnamable is a weird and wonderful work of art, as is the whole of Beckett’s trilogy.)

What’s on my mind right now:

• This is my final blog post for Colorado Review (!!!) before I graduate.
• I turn in my thesis to my committee on April 26.
• I will try my best to make this not about my thesis.
• I hate lists.

Things I like right now (that are also relevant to the small-press and publishing world):

• Waking up to an email from LitHub Daily and seeing what went down “TODAY” in history. (From this week’s email: “the first recorded production of Macbeth shows at the Globe Theatre.”)This specific part of the LitHub Daily email makes me realize a connection with a past that both is and isn’t mine, that whether I like it or not I’ve inherited it, and in my thesis poems I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what history can (and can’t) be—wait! I said I wasn’t going to get into my thesis here. Focus, Melissa, focus.
• Waking up late.
• The fact that I finally got a subscription to Tin House at AWP this year.
    – I made a point of only buying a single subscription to a literary magazine and not buying too many books at the book fair, since I still have more than a few that have been sitting on my bookshelf (untouched) since Seattle; plus, these days I don’t give myself enough time to read anything that isn’t directly related to my thesis—AH!
• Listening to John Coltrane near an open window at night.
• Podcasts.
• Sweatpants.
    – Poems come easier when one is wearing sweatpants; I practically wrote my whole thesis manuscript in—NO!
• Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House
    – It’s a great place to do work; the natural light is abundant; the coffee is delicious, and they also serve beer (!!!); and Todd (the man often behind the bar and always behind Matter Journal) is nothing but kind and welcoming to patrons.
    – I can go on, but I probably shouldn’t. Let’s all put on our comfiest sweatpants, listen to the latest Colorado Review podcast, and plan on sleeping in as soon possible.