Remember that time you got tickets to see your favorite band live at that arena? Remember how you wore the t-shirt of the band you were going to see? Remember how all of your friends laughed at you and called you a square/poser/lame-stream? Remember how they were all wearing Misfits t-shirts? In fact, remember how everyone was wearing Misfits t-shirts? Well, this podcast is kind of like that, except instead of a Misfits t-shirt, you’re wearing a Colorado Review t-shirt or an Edward Hamlin t-shirt or maybe even a Ben Findlay t-shirt (that’s me), and you’re standing in a tight crowd of people back by the mixing booth because it’s the only place you could find where no one would poke you in the back or spill beer on your neck or shout directly into your ears, and you’ve got your lighter out but everyone else is holding a cell phone and you feel weird about it because concerts are weird. But then Edward Hamlin comes out onto the stage, and everything starts to feel right and he starts to read “Night in Erg Chebbi” and you are reading along with him because everyone is reading along with him and in that moment, the lines of sarcasm and sincerity blur together and you are neither cool nor lame, you just are. This podcast is kind of like that. Listen to Edward Hamlin read “Night in Erg Chebbi” live, and you’ll see what I mean.