You know, I thought about switching up the music on this edition of Selections from Colorado Review. I thought, You know what’ll really get everyone all bent out of shape? If I put Christmas music on the podcast before Thanksgiving. That’ll really get ’em riled up. Anyone who has ever blogged professionally knows that riled up = page views. Taunting your readers in the comments is a sure-fire way to get more page views, more post engagement, more mind share, more deliverables and market synergy and so on. Thankfully, I don’t blog for money. I do it for all of you, the fans. I wouldn’t treat you like that. I know you don’t want Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and if you do want that, well, then go to a Walmart or something. So here’s the November podcast, complete with November-appropriate intro music. It features Regina Drexler reading her lovely essay “Landslide” from the Spring 2012 issue of Colorado Review.