Gathered by Mandi Casolo

Home, home on the range, where the poets and writers play…okay, the Front Range (Denver, FoCo, Boulder area) is hosting readings this weekend featuring Dan Beachy-Quick, Elizabeth Robinson, Tina Brown and Sasha Steensen, among others. A map of events for your literary weekend.

A robot that scans 250 pages a minute without damaging the book or interference of human hands–ladies and gents, the future of digital archiving is here.

“I will submit when it’s finished.” This is a common lie writers tell themselves to justify their submission phobia. Guess what? The story or poem won’t ever be “finished” so just submit.

If you’re feeling psychoanalytical, you might consider whether stories increase the value of an object in the mind of the reader. Or rather, objects become valuable because of their role in a story. Quick association: Kerouac > typewriter; Chekhov > little dog; Potter > wand (just kidding).

For those of you eagerly anticipating the release of the movie Anna Karenina featuring Keira Knightley (who plays every historical-fiction female figure ever and is getting slightly lame/predictable) this essay questions whether it is indeed a “love story” as the marketing for the movie boasts.