Well, kids, it’s October. Before you get all excited about dressing up, down, or sideways in your fancy Halloween costumes at the end of the month, I think we all need to sit down and have a talk. First off, eat your vegetables. It’s important. Second, we need to address a serious lack of culture in your lives. Watching The X-Factor on Fox does not count as culture. Not even while drinking Pepsi X out of a fancy glass. Not even a little bit. What you really need in your soft, developing minds is some quality literary fiction, and that’s where Selections from Colorado Review comes in. This month’s podcast is live, and it features William Torrey reading his short story “The Common Era.” It’s sure to kick-start those creative brains of yours and help you better appreciate the four years of piano lessons your father and I have been paying for. You’re not getting out of those anytime soon. Last of all, don’t even think about leaving your bags of candy corn on the kitchen floor because that’s how you get ants. Do you want ants?