Gathered by Mandi Casolo

J.K. Rowling’s first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, released on Sept. 26th. If you didn’t preorder it, shame on you. The Daily Beast gives a first look into the “viciousness of Rowling’s new fictional village.”


“Literary Buroughs”, a Ploughshares series’ exploring the local literary community, highlights Great Falls, MT: where to get published, places to write such as Morning Light Coffee (pictured above), and literary events and festivals. I’m rooting for coverage of Fort Collins!


If you need a good laugh, watch Ron Charles’s “Sh*t Book Reviewers Say.” Sean the Bookonaut, a viewer, calls it “Hilarious and somewhat unnerving.”


The hype for Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Hobbit is undeniable.


A repurposed masterpiece: A Buenos Aires 1919 movie palace converted to a bookstore. The bookstore, El Ateneo, is “one of the busiest in the world: it has more than a million visitors annually and sells more than 700,000 books a year.”