We took a month off, and we’re sorry. We took a month off because we had to, because we sat on the couch too long and ate too many Cheetos—whole bags of them at a time—and the comfortable couch and delicious snacks made us doughy and lazy. And for that, we’re sorry. But sometime around last Thursday (we cannot be sure of the exact date because we had lost track of the days by then), “Selections from Colorado Review” received a call from our sister-in-law, Sheila, who told us in her special, subliminally condescending way that she was disappointed that we had let ourselves go. And we thought, man, it must be bad if Sheila thinks we’re sloths—she hasn’t filed her taxes since In Living Color was on TV. So we got back at it. We started working out, eating right. We’re back, and we’re proud! We hope you haven’t moved on to that orthodontist your mother tried to set you up with in graduate school. In lieu of I’m sorry flowers (the delivery guy won’t deal with us after that incident with the poison ivy, which was totally his fault) our apology gift to you is a double-shot of fantastic poetry featuring Rachel Galvin reading “Camo” and Andy Nicholson reading “Hushed Quadrophonic.” We hope you like them. Please take us back.