Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing


Editor: Stephanie G’Schwind

Fiction Editor: Steven Schwartz

Associate Fiction Editors: Jennifer Wisner Kelly & Jennifer Wortman

Poetry Editors: Donald Revell, Sasha Steensen, & Matthew Cooperman

Associate Poetry Editor: Felicia Zamora

Nonfiction Editor: Stephanie G’Schwind

Book Review Editors: Dan Beachy-Quick (poetry) & Jennifer Wisner Kelly (fiction & nonfiction)

Managing Editor: Drew Webster

Contributing Editors: Charles Baxter, Robin Black, Robert Boswell, Ron Carlson, Steven Church, Jorie Graham, Michael Martone, Clint McCown, Antonya Nelson, & Alberto Rios

Associate Editors: Shoaib Alam, Jayla Rae Ardelean, Kristin George Bagdanov, Cornelius Fitzpatrick, Melissa Hohl, Anitra Ingham, Bryan Johnson, Abigail Kerstetter, Andrew Mangan, John McDonough, Karen Montgomery Moore, Katie Naughton, Natalya Stanko

Editorial Assistants: Nathaniel Barron, Cedar Brant, Sarah Hansen, KT Heins, Gabriel Martinez, Angela Mergentime, Alexander Morrison, Andrew Plevak, Kylan Rice, Ivy Scherbarth, Marie Turner, Stewart Moore, & Meagan Wilson

Advisory Board: Ellen Brinks, Leslee Becker, Pattie Cowell, Kathy Hayes, Deanna Ludwin, David Mogen, Neil Petrie, Bruce Ronda, Steven Schwartz, & William Tremblay

About Colorado Review

Launched in 1956 (with the first issue featuring work by Langston Hughes, William Carlos Williams, E. E. Cummings, Henry Miller, Bertolt Brecht, and Mark van Doren), Colorado Review is a national literary journal featuring contemporary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and book reviews. Each issue is approximately 200 pages. Published three times a year, CR has a circulation of approximately 1,100, is carried by university and public libraries across the country, and is distributed by Kent News to independent bookstores. The journal receives over 9,000 manuscript submissions each academic year.

Colorado Review is committed to the publication of contemporary creative writing. We are equally interested in work by both new and established writers. CR does not publish genre fiction, nor do we subscribe to a particular literary philosophy or school of poetry or fiction.