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Timing It Right: Balancing Social Media & Our Love of Literature

Mar, 25 2011 | no responses

By Colorado Review Associate Editor Lauren Gullion Earlier this week, I wrote here to make my case in defense of Twitter as a viable tool for authors and other literary types. As we move into the weekend, I thought I’d offer up some tips on how we can engage in the social media game without […]

An Interview with Katherine Hill

Mar, 22 2011 | no responses

Colorado Review Associate Editor Lauren Gullion interviews Katherine Hill, winner of the 2010 Nelligan Prize for her story “Waste Management” (selected by Andrea Barrett).

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Mar, 21 2011 | no responses

Twitter turned 5 years old this past Saturday (March 19). In recognition of this marker, NPR ran a story covering the platform’s background as well as the role it’s played in recent political movements around the world. But does Twitter play a worthwhile role in the literary world?