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An Interview with Kevin Phan, author of Mountain/West Poetry Series Book Dears, Beloveds

Nov, 13 2020 | no responses

Kevin Phan lives in Colorado. He attended the University of Iowa (BA) and the University of Michigan (MFA). His poetry has previously appeared in Best New Poets, Gulf Coast, the Cincinnati Review, the Georgia Review, and many other fine journals. For a living, he works with the earth. Photography, mountain biking, backpacking, cooking, and organic […]

An Interview with Kate Bolton Bonnici, 2020 Winner of the Colorado Prize for Poetry

Nov, 06 2020 | no responses

Kate Bolton Bonnici grew up in rural Alabama and holds degrees from Harvard, NYU Law, UC Riverside, and UCLA. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Arts & Letters, the Southern Humanities Review, Image, Tupelo Quarterly, and elsewhere. She teaches early modern English literature and creative writing at UCLA. Bonnici’s collection Night Burial is […]

Stop Asking Artists to Be Pandemic Productive

Apr, 03 2020 | no responses

By Colorado Review Associate Editor Esther Hayes In the last few weeks, I have seen many posts online saying things like “Imagine all the great music and films and books that will come out of this quarantine!” And while I certainly understand that impulse—it is an impulse to shine a light of positivity through the very […]

Some Thoughts on “The Literary”

Jan, 30 2020 | no responses

By Colorado Review Editorial Assistant Mike Moening I should begin this blog post with a simple disclaimer: I don’t come from a particularly literary background. Sure, I have a bachelor’s in English, but I wasn’t reading Faulkner or Nabokov as a child like some of my peers were. This is the only thing I’ll say that touches […]

When Books Become Movies

Nov, 09 2018 | 2 responses

But what happens when a beloved book becomes a movie? Honestly, my first thought is “oh no.”  Why? Because so often the movie lets me down, ruins my imagined world, and refuses to bring to life the best parts of the book.

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