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Spoken Word: Not Just for Poetry

Apr, 07 2017 | no responses

I went for this drive and listened to the entire seven episodes of S-Town, which comes from the producers of Serial and This American Life. I cried multiple times per episode, in the car, by myself.

The Case for the Audiobook

Sep, 21 2016 | no responses

By Alex Morrison, Colorado Review Associate Editor It is no secret that graduate students spend a majority of their time reading, rarely for fun, and often more than a book a week. We all develop different strategies to cope with an ever-increasing workload, whether by learning to read on the go, the art of skimming, or […]

On the Road, in the Kitchen, in the Wild: Audio Books Are Sometimes Ideal

May, 21 2015 | no responses

by Stewart Moore, Colorado Review editorial assistant I have several friends who say they love driving long distances. They relish the opportunity to burn down the highway, see the landscape change before their eyes, and jam out to five hours of music. I, however, hate driving. Not only because I can’t sit still for more […]