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It’s Always Nonfiction Season at Colorado Review

May 06, 2011

As noted in our guidelines, Colorado Review closes its submission period on April 30 and re-opens on August 1. Starting this spring, however, we’re reading nonfiction year-round. It’s not that we don’t love fiction and poetry—we do!—but we just don’t get enough nonfiction. Between August 2010 and today, 54.74% of the online submissions have been fiction, 33.06% poetry, and just 12.20% nonfiction. For this year’s paper submissions, the breakdown is 40% fiction, 54% poetry, and just 6% nonfiction. Despite the fact that we’ve been publishing nonfiction for years, and that our nonfiction has attracted attention (very recent news: Floyd Skloot’s essay “The Famous Recipe,” from CR Spring 2011, will appear in Best Food Writing 2011, and Jessica McCaughey’s essay “Aligning the Internal Compass,” from CR Spring 2010, has been selected for Best Travel Writing 2011), we clearly need to get the message out: We want your essays! Tired of the whole memoir thing? Not us! It’s at the top of our summer reading list.

Stephanie G’Schwind, Editor

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  1. Raymond Cothern says:

    Great to know for folks who are writing a memoir. (Is it just me or does that always sound pretentious?)Looking around the last few months at various literary magazines, it appears some ARE tired of the whole memoir thing. Essays? Sure. Short essays? Even better. Memoir thingys? Aaahh, not so much. Wonderful of CR to take a literary bullet for us pretentious memoirists.

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