Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing

Excerpt from Frayed escort

The Azalea Bowmen

deer and the aucuba voice of the deer
the Azalea Bowmen
and the falling, thinning deer
spruce aside, needles falling

in the pool with the Girl with the Unwashed hair
off-center because the center’s for God
red-faced “to break his bones”
’s’ a wacko now . . .
who should maybe been more of a wacko before
to Crash
in the Rockies
Crash who lost everybody, easily
talks with strangers
plays in the hills off-center since the center’s for God
his bandolier flashing shoulder to hip
grows old conservatively, professionally

his luggage strolls on wheels
Soothing Crash
The sun
Tangled in a tree at sunrise
A man tangled in the sun in a tree at sunrise





do you feel all things await the sun enamored

template of the citadel and chronic?

do you feel that in


the river

carves a bridge over the spree,

a tender petal guarding itself?


do you hear a stunned hammer shudder in cold

and follow Old Extinctions


flank to flank

rippling inscrutably,


and chronic

do you feel they await the sun enamored?


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