Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of work gets published in Colorado Review?

A: Like most literary magazines, we ask that anyone submitting work be familiar with our publication. You may purchase sample copies from the website (see the “current issue” or “back issue” pages). Many bookstores and university & public libraries carry CR. We also provide examples of recently published stories, poems, and essays on our website. Somehow, please read what we publish and see if your work fits our vision before you submit your work.

While it is difficult to define the sort of story we’re looking for, some of the questions we ask ourselves while reading manuscripts are: Is there an engaging opening? Has the author created original, idiosyncratic characters, people you’re interested in following through the story? Is the language crisp and sharp? Is there a provocative central problem or issue in the story? Is the story about something, and is whatever it is about important or troubling? Is the pace suitable? Is the story tightly constructed from start to finish? Most of the stories we accept—though not all—are twenty to twenty-five manuscript pages.

For nonfiction, we are interested in memoir, personal essay, and creative nonfiction. Generally, scholarly essays are not appropriate.

Q: How should submissions be formatted?

A: Cover letters should provide the author’s name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address (if available). Please indicate whether the manuscript should returned (if so, include appropriate postage on the SASE).

Manuscripts should be double-spaced, printed on one or both sides of the paper. We appreciate one-inch margins, 12-point type, and standard typefaces (e.g., Times New Roman). Please don’t send your only copy; we are not responsible for loss of or damage to your manuscript.

Q: What is the reading response time?

A: Every single submission received at Colorado Review is read at least once. We have a large and talented editorial staff, and generally we respond within four months (and sometimes quicker). Please do not assume that we did not read your work just because you receive a response within a few days of having submitted to us. At the beginning of our reading period, for example, we are very quick, as we have fewer submissions to read. If, however, you submit during winter break, much of the staff is on vacation and response time may be longer. Similarly, if you submit close to the end of our reading period, we may not get to your submission until the fall. If you have not received a response from us after three months, you are welcome to call or e-mail about your submission.

Q: How much does Colorado Review pay for work accepted for publication?

A: We pay $10 per page for poetry, with a $30 minimum, and $200 for stories and essays, plus two contributor copies and a one-year subscription.

Q: Must I be a resident of Colorado or of the United States to be published in Colorado Review?

A. Authors do NOT need to be residents of Colorado or the United States. If you are, however, a foreign national working in the United States, please check the conditions of your visa status with regard to receiving payment from entities other than your sponsor. Colorado State University cannot issue honoraria to foreign nationals with B1/WB, B2/WT, H-1B, or F-1 visas. A J-1 visa holder with a sponsor other than CSU must have written authorization from the Responsible Officer (RO) at their sponsoring institution prior to the activity.