Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing

Excerpt from Annulments

The Mountains Overhead


I sang: Tell me of the heart which exists
in which to continue is not
to confine



To bring you to this:

We row out now over the lake where stars are
these muscles sobbing makes

Slashed across nightsky like bones
in owl droppings



As though the end of harvest were not
farthest from harvest

As though reunion were not so close to ruin


(selected sections)


Real Time

In another life, they watch one dance in the square
tide up through cobbles, watching not themselves moving then

a turned bed, apple fog from a cart, man offloading
his satchel of styrofoam shavings to water. He returns

waves his hand before him for the string that is the light,
and quieting at her socks on the sill canal stiff on the glass,

one on crutches toppled from a taller bridge she wakes
and will not love you less


The shared

Imagining of distance

A kind of closeness

Evening settles


Reading together is mostly looking up

The world a more literal place this morning

Standing not with a loaf but the flour


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