Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing

The Mountain West Poetry Series

Stephanie G’Schwind & Donald Revell, series editors

Launched in January 2011 with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, this series publishes two collections of poetry each year by poets living in the Mountain West region (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico).

We Are Starved, by Joshua Kryah

The City She Was, by Carmen Giménez Smith

Upper Level Disturbances, by Kevin Goodan

The Two Standards, by Heather Winterer

Blue Heron, by Elizabeth Robinson

Hungry Moon, by Henrietta Goodman

The Logan Notebooks, by Rebecca Lindenberg

Songs, by Derek Henderson

The Verging Cities, by Natalie Scenters-Zapico

A Lamp Brighter than Foxfire, by Andrew S. Nicholson (Fall 2015)

House of Sugar, House of Stone, Emily Pérez (Spring 2016)

&luckier, Christopher J Johnson (Fall 2016)

Escape Velocity, Bonnie Arning (Spring 2017)


Mountain West Poetry titles are distributed nationally by the University Press of Colorado and the Chicago Distribution Center.

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