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January Podcast: Endi Bogue Hartigan reads “It Was a Church Then”

Jan, 30 2013 | no responses

Better late than never, right? C’mon, am I right? You know I’m right. I always am. Always. So let’s just pretend this little delay never happened. Let’s all just pretend and nobody gets hurt. No kittens, no puppies, nobody. We can all just be cool about it. And while we’re all being so cool about […]

November Podcast: Matthew Shaer reads “Ghosts”

Nov, 03 2012 | no responses

Dear friends, Did you accidentally eat yourself into a Halloween candy coma this week? If so, don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault. It was bound to happen. That said, gosh do I have just the thing for you! What better to accompany you on the couch in your gastronomical misery than the November […]

June Podcast: Andrea Dupree reads “Lineage”

Jun, 05 2012 | no responses

The air conditioning in my car is broken, and the Miami Heat are in the NBA playoffs. That can only mean two things: it’s getting warmer, and my life is a little unfortunate right now. If you’re like me and can’t stand the heat, not only should you get out of the kitchen, you should […]

May podcast double creature feature: Rachel Galvin & Andy Nicholson

May, 23 2012 | no responses

We took a month off, and we’re sorry. We took a month off because we had to, because we sat on the couch too long and ate too many Cheetos—whole bags of them at a time—and the comfortable couch and delicious snacks made us doughy and lazy. And for that, we’re sorry. But sometime around […]

March Podcast: John Gallaher reads “Where They Feed Their Children to Kings”

Mar, 26 2012 | one response

No foolin’. Selections from Colorado Review doesn’t pull pranks or play practical jokes. We’re not going to jerk you around by flushing the toilet when you’re in the shower or pretending we got engaged last weekend to that guy you don’t like.¬†We’re here to bring you great poetry and prose from Colorado Review, and that’s […]

February Podcast: Michelle Hoover reads “Our Little Bertha”

Feb, 28 2012 | no responses

Everyone knows the best holiday in February is on the 28. Everyone. Even Tina knows it, and she’s still non-ironically wearing Hypercolor shirts. Because Selections from Colorado Review is hip and cool and alternative and in-the-know, we waited until this exact date to release our February podcast where, by clicking this link, you can hear […]

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