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March Podcast: John Gallaher reads “Where They Feed Their Children to Kings”

Mar, 26 2012 | one response

No foolin’. Selections from Colorado Review doesn’t pull pranks or play practical jokes. We’re not going to jerk you around by flushing the toilet when you’re in the shower or pretending we got engaged last weekend to that guy you don’t like. We’re here to bring you great poetry and prose from Colorado Review, and that’s [...]

February Podcast: Michelle Hoover reads “Our Little Bertha”

Feb, 28 2012 | no responses

Everyone knows the best holiday in February is on the 28. Everyone. Even Tina knows it, and she’s still non-ironically wearing Hypercolor shirts. Because Selections from Colorado Review is hip and cool and alternative and in-the-know, we waited until this exact date to release our February podcast where, by clicking this link, you can hear [...]

December podcast: “Beautiful Souls” by Joan Leegant

Dec, 05 2011 | 2 responses

“Selections from Colorado Review” must deliver fresh poetry and prose every month to its listeners and readers of Colorado Review. This isn’t a want thing, or a desire thing—it is a biologically-compelled-to-do-it thing, lest it suffer an unbearable and possibly fatal poetry and prose backup, which can be painful. Some people might find that fact [...]

November Podcast: Caroline Arden’s “Yolo County”

Nov, 04 2011 | no responses

Look, “Selections from Colorado Review” has a few ground rules if you and it are going to take this relationship seriously—just before you get any ideas, okay? SFCR is in this to provide you, the internet-savvy, literature-loving consumer, with fresh poetry and prose from the pages of Colorado Review every month. That’s it. So no [...]

October Podcast: Andrew D. Cohen’s “Boys School”

Oct, 07 2011 | one response

Listen—a clatterin’ in the distance. The cattle were restless today; that old sheepdog gave a plaintive howl. “I know this sound,” murmured Ole Sal. “‘Tis ‘Selections from Colorado Review‘, the cattle-rustlinest podcast ever to deliver fresh poetry and prose from Colorado Review round these parts. Reckon by the sound of it they brought some nonfiction [...]

Colorado Review Now Podcasting

Apr, 13 2011 | one response

By Colorado Review Editorial Assistant Dan Moore Consider, if you will, some of the situations in which it is typically dangerous to read a literary journal: while driving, while jogging,  while attempting to impress all your new-media friends with your casual disdain for paper content-delivery systems. For these scenarios, among others, we at Colorado Review [...]

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