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Wherever We Mean to Be: Selected Poems 1975–2015

Feb, 22 2018 | no responses

The most solitary poems, the ones that take the speaker for a walk through a city or down a dirt path, through a churchyard or a garden, always remind one of how important it is to spend time alone, getting to know your own universe.

I Know Your Kind

Feb, 22 2018 | no responses

Brewer investigates how drug use has ravaged a community and the lives of users, enablers, and those fortunate enough to have survived.


Feb, 09 2018 | no responses

Much of the difficulty in relating our perceptions of the world has to do with naming, and it has always been this way.

The Happy End / All Welcome

Feb, 08 2018 | no responses

No matter how many hours we may be chained to our office chair, no matter our posture in it, or how Sisyphusean our work life may seem, our imagination is a small and gleeful subversion taking place under the glare of the office gods.

We Remain Traditional

Jan, 19 2018 | no responses

In We Remain Traditional, Sylvia Chan juxtaposes the elegy, the conflict, and the brashness of a relationship that summons wild musicality in its love and frustration. Through the speaker and Adam, the beloveds offer thirty-two consolations for the gendered history of Chinese American women—a break and affirmation of their traditions. What saves these two characters is […]

The Lapidary’s Nosegay

Jan, 18 2018 | no responses

The Lapidary’s Nosegay, Lara Candland’s primer of poems, presents to readers a bouquet of resplendent poems that Candland has created, collaged, curated, and reimagined by using the rich floral and gem imagery in the poetry of Emily Dickinson as her primary source material. Dickinson and Candland share linguistic and theological roots in the Bible, nineteenth-century […]

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