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Skeleton Coast

Mar, 27 2017 | no responses

Where the speaker exposes her vulnerabilities, the reader must connect and piece together. There is intimacy in this kind of exercise, for the act of reading is also a process of marking and being marked by language.

Emergen(ce) of Feeling

Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

Lightning is God / taking pictures of the victims. The present, like your elbow, / bends just one direction.


Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

Listen. The moon could / slice through this dark, this / thick water, that which looks / like dark here


Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

We need only hold ourselves / poised— / as waiting is more than withstanding

An Ecology of Elsewhere

Mar, 06 2017 | no responses

Meek takes risks with these poems, testing the boundaries of her sympathy, whether for the human beings she encounters in their relative precarity, or for the fauna and flora that find means of existence in Namibia’s arid climate.

Ghost / Landcape

Mar, 06 2017 | no responses

The reader walks a labyrinth, searching for clues, each chapter relinquishing a few while simultaneously adding to the mystery.

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