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Cold Pastoral

Jun, 13 2017 | no responses

These poems take careful note of the methods by which humans are destroying the Earth, as well as the ways in which the planet is fighting back.


Jun, 12 2017 | no responses

Men, the poems argue, want a goddess to sleep with, but in doing so may create a mother, and that terrifies them.


May, 22 2017 | no responses

Hickman often sets out to compose her poems with the kind of sobriety that a surgeon has to maintain during an operation.

Tender Omnibus

May, 08 2017 | no responses

Tender Buttons Press is most suitably named for/after a text by that great poetry momma of modernism: Gertrude Stein. The Press’s “Founding Editrix” Lee Ann Brown describes

Take This Stallion

May, 01 2017 | no responses

Duplan continues to probe authenticity throughout the book, specifically what it means to be a “real” woman.

Fireworks in the Graveyard

Apr, 24 2017 | no responses

Joy Ladin faces the relentlessness of our most vexing riddles with grace, musicality, and wry humor.

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