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The Inventors

Jul, 21 2016 | no responses

To write a memoir is—on the surface—to undertake a contrasting examination of both the profound and banal of one’s life and cobble together a sort of meaning out of it.

Portrait of a Family, Crooked & Straight

Jul, 08 2016 | no responses

My mother and father didn’t want to dance with each other at this wedding—and they wouldn’t—and there would be no portrait from this wedding of the father and the mother and the two daughters together, no portrait for my wall.

White Matter: A Memoir of Family and Medicine

Jul, 07 2016 | no responses

Janet Sternburg’s White Matter is a disquieting read. How could it not be? In it, Sternburg explores her family’s decisions to lobotomize not one but two family members—her mother’s brother Bennie in 1940 and mother’s sister Francie in 1958—and the repercussions of those decisions. White Matter is part memoir and family history; part reporting on [...]

Good Girl

Jul, 07 2016 | no responses

Tomlinson’s story tumbles forth with the rapid urgency of a young woman searching for meaning and perhaps a bit of insight amid the chaos of unexpected wounds created by her neglectful, self-centered father.

Flock Together: A Love Affair with Extinct Birds

Jun, 29 2016 | no responses

As a memoirist, and therefore a character in his own book, Hollars is appealingly capable of wonder and longing. One has the feeling he would be good company on a tramp through the woods: “Some snowy evenings, while walking home from work, I march up the hill desperate for a bird or an owl to give me some sign and sometimes—when I’m lucky—one does.”

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