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Ordinary Skin: Essays from Willow Springs

Oct, 10 2017 | no responses

Collectively, Auker’s essays and prose poems describe both the prying loose of norms that have structured her life and the emergence of a vibrant woman who seeks out wild places.

I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well

Jul, 03 2017 | no responses

Reading this work gives the reader an uncanny sensation that Hall is not just presenting essays about the events of his life, but also mapping the typology of his soul.

Beautiful Flesh: A Body of Essays

May, 10 2017 | no responses

Selected from the country’s leading literary journals and publications—Colorado Review, Creative Nonfiction, Georgia Review, Prairie Schooner, Crazyhorse, The Normal School, and others—Beautiful Flesh gathers eighteen essays on the body, essentially building a multi-gender, multi-ethnic body out of essays, each concerning a different part of the body: belly, brain, bones, blood, ears, eyes, hair, hands, heart, […]

The Girls in My Town

Apr, 03 2017 | no responses

With humor and compassion, Morales vividly captures the quirky imagery of growing up in 1970s Los Angeles.

Origins of the Universe and What It All Means

Mar, 27 2017 | no responses

The main subject of the book is Firstman’s relationship with her father, Bruce Firstman, a biologist known for his research on the evolution of scorpions. Their relationship is sometimes cool and distant and sometimes intimate.

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