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The Courtship of Eva Eldridge

Jan, 30 2017 | no responses

After a period of bewilderment, Eva came to understand that Vick was a serial bigamist who arrived in a new city, married a woman, in some cases even fathered a child, and then abandoned his family.

A Woman on the Edge of Time

Jan, 23 2017 | no responses

Gavron takes on an even higher challenge: to capture the life force of a mother he barely knew as he unravels the riveting story of her suicide.

Hallow This Ground

Jan, 03 2017 | no responses

Rafferty is no mere tour guide pointing out established stories; instead, he sifts the evidence to interrogate the site and the practice of marking history.

Indian Summer

Dec, 19 2016 | no responses

One last peek in the rearview mirror, one final glance beneath cars, behind bumpers. What had been different this time? Had the boy been in his blind spot?

Catechism: A Love Story

Oct, 10 2016 | no responses

Claiming one’s “hidden wholeness” is a life’s work, and this book demonstrates one person’s passionate engagement in the process.

To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light

Sep, 26 2016 | no responses

To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light then is partly a quest to find poetry in the blank pages of women’s biographies.

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