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Jul, 13 2017 | no responses

Not until the last page of Diego Zúñiga’s novel Camanchaca does a camanchaca itself appear.

Broken River

Jun, 26 2017 | no responses

There’s a vulnerability to the book that speaks to our inclination toward disaster, and that’s what elevates it beyond another cut-and-paste mystery novel.

What She Is

Jun, 23 2017 | no responses

Long white-blonde hair in front of the white clapboard chapel. Her body almost invisible in the afternoon sun except for tan  legs, bare feet, the straps of sandals held in one hand like an invitation. A small valise at her feet, weathered, blue, hardly big enough for a change of clothing. He noticed her before he saw her thumb, out of place the way she was in front of Phillips Chapel.

Voices Underwater

Jun, 23 2017 | no responses

“You girls are so lucky you get to be Stephanie’s helpers this summer,” our mothers said as they dropped us off that first day late in June. “Can you believe it? You girls are going to be working for the greatest tennis player in America.”

November Storm

Jun, 19 2017 | no responses

November Storm, the debut story collection by Robert Oldshue, provides readers with nine intimate explorations of often haunted characters—a psychiatrist reliving a conversation that may have triggered a long-ago patient to kill his wife, a girl exploring her great-uncle’s prisoner-of-war history for her bat mitzvah project, a young kid accounting for the disappearance of his neighbor’s cat.

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