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Mar, 30 2018 | no responses

To the cult, self-induced sickness generates a more harmonious, fulfilled life . . . sickness is the key to unlocking real human purpose.

Wild Horse

Mar, 19 2018 | no responses

“These men are tough guy know-it-alls with me-against-the-world mentalities. Men who see themselves as superior to those around them. We, the readers, are bewitched by their inner lives….”

Nice People: New & Selected Stories II

Mar, 09 2018 | no responses

Jauss’s characters frequently fail to accept comfort and even more frequently are locked inside their own emotional ice.

The Singing Ship

Mar, 08 2018 | no responses

In this beautifully written novel, Winterer takes us on an expedition into the Australian bush and the depths of faith.

The Mannequin Makers

Mar, 02 2018 | no responses

Readers finish the novel having learned that beauty invariably comes at a price: physical and psychological, personal and professional. It destroys everyone who seeks it.

Glory Days

Mar, 01 2018 | no responses

The landscape of the novel is ghost-haunted. The dead crouch around these characters, blighting them. But the murder of a young boy at Glory Days—the tragic consequence of the fact that Footer can’t find enough ways to spread his misery around and Luann is enthralled by him—is particularly wrenching.

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