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Petites Suites

Apr, 12 2018 | no responses

Each little piece in the suite also bears a pertinent musical title, written in French, indicating the instruments to perform them and offering intriguing hints about the theme and tone.

Underground Fugue

Apr, 09 2018 | no responses

Readers will be captivated by the book’s details . . . the vivid portrayals of Amir’s urban explorations, which take him to London’s forbidden places, whether underground, at street level or high over the city. The book’s closing scene at the famous Battersea power station is breathtaking.


Mar, 30 2018 | no responses

To the cult, self-induced sickness generates a more harmonious, fulfilled life . . . sickness is the key to unlocking real human purpose.

Wild Horse

Mar, 19 2018 | no responses

“These men are tough guy know-it-alls with me-against-the-world mentalities. Men who see themselves as superior to those around them. We, the readers, are bewitched by their inner lives….”

Nice People: New & Selected Stories II

Mar, 09 2018 | no responses

Jauss’s characters frequently fail to accept comfort and even more frequently are locked inside their own emotional ice.

The Singing Ship

Mar, 08 2018 | no responses

In this beautifully written novel, Winterer takes us on an expedition into the Australian bush and the depths of faith.

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