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The Night Runner

Dec, 12 2017 | no responses

The girls mimicked his voice when he spoke, squeaking at him in high-pitched, nasal tones. They flicked things at him: not only chalk, but bits of spit-sodden paper, corn kernels, bobby pins, and flaky, greenish balls made of snot. Once, after he’d handed back a set of exercises, Roda Kudondo sauntered up to his desk and shoved her notebook in his face, mumbling in a slurred mishmash she intended as an imitation of his Texas drawl. The class exploded in laughter, and Aaron, not understanding, ordered her back to her seat.

Red Shoes for Rachel: Three Novellas

Nov, 30 2017 | no responses

For Sarah, the past, present and future bond into a formidable wall of fear and dread. Her present physical security can’t dispel her inner exile.

Island Rule

Nov, 17 2017 | no responses

My mother’s house was built into the side of the volcano, where it was green and too thick to take anything but the machete-cut paths. We were field-workers. That is, until the men in uniform came.

Sorry to Disrupt the Peace

Oct, 27 2017 | no responses

The “peace” to which Helen constantly refers is a condition of isolation, complacency, and self-satisfaction. And it takes the violent “disruption” of her brother’s suicide for her to recognize her own solipsism.

In the Woods of Memory

Aug, 17 2017 | no responses

This layered, textured novel throws into stark relief the interconnections between experience and memory, and the enduring nature of trauma.


Aug, 04 2017 | no responses

Spanning more than a century, Rebellion weaves the stories of four women (and those of several minor characters) who reject societal and familial expectations for what a woman—a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend—must be and do.

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