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A Garden Fed by Lightning

Feb, 20 2017 | no responses

Infused with an element of the fantastical, many of the stories, initially appearing straightforward and grounded in reality, veer off into unexpected, outlandish territory, and, more often than not, characters are not what they seem.

The Rope Swing

Feb, 13 2017 | no responses

Nowhere is the tension between the “gift” and “test” of West Virginia more deftly drawn than Corcoran’s exploration of the lives of gay characters.

Him, Me, Muhammad Ali

Feb, 06 2017 | no responses

Jarrar’s characters are Muslims, mainly women, usually not living their lives in lockstep with the Quran, but feeling grounded in their religion and culture and home nonetheless.

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down

Jan, 30 2017 | no responses

Valente writes with the ear of a poet and the inquisitive instinct of a journalist.

Potted Meat

Jan, 23 2017 | no responses

Steven Dunn’s award-winning debut novel is a formally innovative, sonically distinctive work of art that offers its readers a rare glimpse into the lives of poor African Americans in West Virginia, where the novel’s narrator grows up.

A Collapse of Horses

Jan, 03 2017 | no responses

I was surprised to find that some of the stories in his most recent collection, A Collapse of Horses, really are quite funny, and funny in an unusual way.

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