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Story in a White Diction

Dec, 19 2016 | no responses

in spite of the garish death of his second wife / who fell from their lofted master suite onto a crystal decanter / and not, as local bloggers have suggested, the other way / around

Indian Summer

Dec, 19 2016 | no responses

One last peek in the rearview mirror, one final glance beneath cars, behind bumpers. What had been different this time? Had the boy been in his blind spot?

Rock Salt and Rabbit

Dec, 19 2016 | no responses

June 1969. Quang Ngai Province. Vinh An, a village at the mouth of Song Tra Bong. The days were sweltering, leaning into each other like unbathed bodies.

Not Trash Day

Dec, 19 2016 | no responses

Once at IHOP there was a woodstork / walking past the window and we watched the cook / out the back door give it kitchen scraps./ Was it being taken care of?

After Dreamland

Jul, 08 2016 | no responses

Emmet realizes he’s been holding his breath and lets it go slowly, fixing his gaze on a rock in the distance to avoid the dog’s eyes and any suggestion of a challenge. “C’mere, boy,” he says calmly. And calm is how he feels. Something in the other boy’s anger has stilled him.

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