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A History of Nomadism

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

My family didn’t move to these places, but their shapes, their possible breaths, bumped against my own history, my immediate future, parallel universes that might suddenly rope around my present, palpitating self.

The Laws of Motion

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

I met the principal at a bar called the Eternal Cellar. I bet you can already picture how it looked: “dank” would be the best word to describe it. They kept the Jim Beam on the top rail. If you were foolish enough to put your hand on the bar, it stuck.

Seaside Ghazal

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

we shouted out of car windows / uttered our incomplete goodbyes // see you later, Shifting Inlet / or whatever good friends say // who haven’t known each other long—

Prayer for Appetite

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

What whispers suckle, tugs / spines upright, name god. // Acolytes—mice sniffing / a wet breeze, blouse milk- // soaked at an infant’s cry, / universe ever expanding.

Oh cosmic through line,
teach the weaker sex your

bruising grip.

Beyond Love

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

If the saints are to be believed, if this body is a dress / we slip into, out of, if each day and night is the mantle / we tie around our shoulders, fabric thin as the time it takes

Marriage Abstract

Feb, 26 2018 | no responses

I love you like my hands, which haul / the money in. Into our laps spill daughter / and son. We are drowning in wine and beer, / carrying each other across these rooms, / glasses filled above our brims.

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