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Searching for the Duck Hole

Mar, 27 2017 | no responses

My mother started calling me about a year and a half ago. She is in her late eighties and suffers from cognitive decline, so she does not remember that we haven’t had a relationship for more than twenty-five years.

Silent Impacts

Mar, 22 2017 | no responses

Image from Boston Public Library Two midwestern villages—I’ll call them Arno and Morgan—face off against each other across the banks of the Bainbrydge River. Their feud is old and largely undefined, like the one that exists between my uncle Harry and cousin Al or the one in my nine-year marriage. The air between the two [...]


Mar, 22 2017 | no responses

The parents always love me. I walk backward and wind clumps of parents and their sixteen- and seventeen-year-old offspring through our tree-lined campus and explain why they should spend sixty thousand dollars a year sending their precious progeny to Willton College.

Emergen(ce) of Feeling

Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

Lightning is God / taking pictures of the victims. The present, like your elbow, / bends just one direction.


Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

Listen. The moon could / slice through this dark, this / thick water, that which looks / like dark here


Mar, 20 2017 | no responses

We need only hold ourselves / poised— / as waiting is more than withstanding

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